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What is clean eating?

According to Google: "Clean eating is a fad diet based on the belief that consuming whole foods and avoiding convenience food and other processed foods offers certain health benefits. Variations of the diet may also exclude gluten, grains, and/or dairy products and advocate the consumption of raw food."

Do you believe living on whole foods is a fad? This is the way we lived before processed food and sugar became the social norm.

We also had way less obesity and health issues . . .

The MANY Benefits You’ll Receive by Joining the Challenge:
*30 Days of Clean Eating tips from Karla
*30 Days of Client Testimonies from clean eating, detailing unique and personal experiences of eating clean for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and longer!
*30-Day Clean Eating App and Body Budget System
*Copy of Karla’s Gut Health Article featuring Dr. Brain Bull’s Gut Health Talk
*Learn about Karla’s Transformation-on-the-Go system
*Access to Karla’s schedule of live workout classes, metabolism workshops and posing classes
*The opportunity to join our newsletter community

Clean Eating App & Body Budget System, exercise data base and live classes
Coming Soon! Available May 1 2022!
Perfected over decades of work with clients, Karla’s custom exercise science and sports nutrition processes and formulas are now available in her Clean Eating App! The app features a Body Budget System that helps you calculate a custom nutrition code, and it helps you track and understand your body’s physical changes. With our chart and tracking system, you will be able to better see and understand your transformation. You can access the Transformation On-the-Go system, which includes live classes and a database of workouts for all fitness levels.

Features include
o Create your custom nutrition/exercise Code
o Nutrition and exercise tracker
o Processed foods tracker
o Sports nutrition tracker for competitions, including an advanced nutrition program
o Health tracker
o Injury tracker
o Results charts for body fat, lean mass, body inches lost and more!
o Live class schedule
o Custom exercise workouts for the gym and at home
o Exercise program for healthy living, transformation, busy business professional, sports models and more!